Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Funny Firsts!

Sunshine wearing her new bike helmet, elbow and knee pads, and dress up shoes.

As our new little ones adjust to life in America we are amazed at how they view life here. Many experiences that we take for granted I am witnessing through brand new eyes. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Sunshine is very observant and doesn't miss anything. As we drove around in the car at night she was perplexed by all the bright twinkling lights on the houses. She thought they were pretty but did not understand why they were there. We explained that the lights help us to celebrate Christmas. She said, "Ethiopia, Christmas, Yes...No lights. America, EVERYONE Christmas!!!"

Last week she was helping me gather the garbage. We were placing the bags in the garbage can in the garage. She put her fingers on her nose and said, "OOOH Stinky!!" I said, under my breath, not thinking she would understand, "There were a lot more icky smells than that in Ethiopia." She responded, "Oh yes, Ethiopia Stinky!" We then pulled the garbage cans out to the street together and as I turned to go back in the house she paused and said "Mom, what?" As if to say, 'why are we leaving our garbage here?' I realized that she didn't understand about garbage trucks. So I said, "Tomorrow, a big truck will come and take the garbage away." She gave a huge smile and said, "OOOH AMERICA!!! In Ethiopia, we take, we take. But AMERICA, truck!" Even bigger smile.

The next day I was sure to listen for the truck, so that she and her brother could see what happens to garbage in America. As we watched the truck there was more discussion about how stinky it was in Ethiopia and I became a little concerned that she might think that I didn't like Ethiopia. I made sure that I included how much I love Ethiopia. We talked about the beautiful country and people and about her siblings. She ended the conversation with, "I love Ethiopia, but Stinky in Ethiopia." I think a field trip to the dump might be in order.=)
Sweet Momma

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