Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Few Fun Pics...

This has been such a crazy week. We are surviving two grown ups and two little ones with jet lag. I was diagnosed with bronchitis yesterday, so I am not quite myself yet. These are sweet kids that God has placed in our home. There are definitely issues, but I can't wait to see how this all looks in a few weeks.

We are doing very well with food. Today, for lunch, I made Kraft Macaroni and cheese. Did you know that I am the greatest mom ever? Sunshine was thanking me over and over and kissing her food saying, "Good food, thank you Mommy, I love you, Mommy!" So funny! I am glad she liked it, because it is one of the four food groups at our house.

Here are a few pictures that show the fun at our house.

Here is Little Buddy playing piano with M&M while she practiced her Christmas music.
Here they are on their first ever teeter-totter ride. The reason I know that it was their first is that they both tried to sit down backwards! =)
Our poor dog Molly is so neglected that she jumped up into what was left of my lap as I held Little Buddy as he slept.
Here is Pumpkin with his latest and greatest Lego treasure. He loves Legos and got this kit for his birthday.
My Ethiopian Glamour Girl!!!
If anyone was wondering whether she would be a girly-girl, I hope this picture answers the question. I am not sure what her eyes look like, as she is constantly wearing these shades! =)
Sweet Momma

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Terri said...

YEAH for the update!!! I've been waiting for news and this scratched the itch!!! I'm so sorry you are sick - I hope you feel better soon!!! Continuing to pray for all!