Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Memories in the Making

This past weekend was fairly busy with many new experiences for our newest family members. Now that we are all feeling better we knew we had to seize the opportunity to go out and get our Christmas tree. It is a tradition in our family to venture to the nearest tree farm, choose a tree and cut it down ourselves. Actually, Stand-Up Dad always cuts it down, but Pumpkin is hoping to help next year. As you can see in the picture, Little Buddy was a bit grumpy that morning. He and Sunshine had gone to the doctor the day before and his leg was hurting badly from the shots he got. Later the same day we were able to attend a Christmas Concert where Sweet Pea sang in the choir. We heard two choirs, a bell choir, an orchestra and a guitar ensemble.

The weather had been very cold and on Sunday afternoon we finally got a little of what we had been waiting for. It started snowing before nap time and after nap the ground was looking white. I asked Little Buddy and Sunshine if they wanted to go out and play. "Yes," was the unanimous answer. So even though it was getting dark they had their first snow experience. They loved it! The big kids even pulled them down the street in the sleds.

Posing at the Christmas Tree Farm
Sweet Pea singing in the choir
First Snowflakes

Sweet Momma


elisa said...

I'm so glad we met in Ethiopia. Your family will forever mean something special to us!

Susan and Charles said...

First snow! How exciting. We don't get snow too often in TN - but we're hoping for some flurries this weekend. Sunshine & Little Buddy look great!