Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Two Ears, America!"

While in Ethiopia I noticed that Sunshine had pierced ears. While Stand-Up Dad and I were out shopping we bought her a pair of earrings. She squealed with delight when I showed them to her. Sadness soon followed when I realized that one of her ears was completely closed and I could only put in one earring. Many tears and two hours later we were able to have an interpreter explain that there was no longer a hole in one of her ears. We promised her that when we got to America we would have her other ear pierced.

Soon after this discussion she came up to me and said, "Ethiopia, one ear, America, two ears!" I assured her that this was true. It was very funny when we landed in Washington DC and told her that it was America, she turned to me and said, "Two ears, America?" I had to explain that it would be a little later.

The rule at our house has been that our daughters may pierce their ears when they turn ten years old. Our third daughter, Sweet Pea, has been waiting patiently to turn ten. She will be nine years old next month. We decided that she could pierce her ears with her little sister if she wanted to. I also thought it might be a fun memory for these new sisters.

Thursday evening we went to the mall and Sunshine got "Two ears in America!" She didn't even flinch. Sweet Pea was also excited to get earrings over a year early. They both look absolutely beautiful. One more promise kept, times two!
Sweet Momma


Terri said...

Beautiful girls and beautiful ears!! What a fun memory making moment!

elisa said...

So sweet!

randy said...

Meeting Sunshine and Little Buddy today was waayyyy more emotional than I expected. They are PRECIOUS!!
Love the ear story! Such cute sisters!
Love you guys, SJ