Sunday, July 19, 2009

Camp Fort Nisqually

Sweet Pea braiding leather
Pumpkin loved his first year at camp.
Here is Elsie after completing the Trapper's Race.
They came in 2nd!
M&M, holding the prize she chose after the Trapper's Race.
Waiting to sign on with the Hudson Bay Company

Here are just a few pictures of the kids at history camp this summer. They all had a fabulous time living in the year 1855.

Our family is off to a week at the beach in Oregon. We are all looking forward to rest, relaxation and tons of fun. This vacation will be great as we anticipate meeting our new little brother and sister. But next year will be better, when they are here to enjoy it with us.
Sweet Momma

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Randy said...

Wow! - We used to go to Fort Nisqually when the girls were young! How fun! I guess we'll be going back there with the boys!! We were only gone a few days and you've posted a couple of new "stories"!! I'm catching up today! I'll have to chat with you about the training in Spokane...
Love, SJ