Saturday, July 11, 2009

Still on Cloud Nine...

It has been two days since we heard the news of our precious little ones and we are still in disbelief over God's goodness.

Yesterday Stand-Up Dad and I spoke with a Pediatrician from U of W that specializes in International Adoption. He had reviewed our little ones information and gave us a full report. The short version is that they look great! He was impressed with how healthy there medical information was and that their pictures "were exceptional." We completely agree!

This was the information that we needed. Now we can accept the referral and stand in the next line to wait for a court date. The court date will be when these kiddos will officially become ours. We will not be there on that day, but will travel three weeks later.

Please continue to pray for our kids, all 6, and pray for a court date. We expect that it will be several months from now.

The word from our four at home is, "Extremely excited", "Bouncing off the wall happy", "Thankful" and "Overwhelmed with joy!" They each have a small photo album with the six pictures of little brother and sister that they have been sharing with everyone who will look.

Stand-Up Dad and I are in "Project Mode", get it done, get it done, get it done before they come home. None of the projects are major and we will live quite comfortably if we don't complete any of them. We will have to see what time allows.

In the mean time we dream of the day when the faces of our sweet little ones will be smiling at us, face to face.
Sweet Momma


Randy said...

So does this change your plans to go to the class in Spokane next week-end? There's still room.....
We know about being in "project mode"!! We re-painted and decorated the bathroom to be more suitable for boys and we've been deep cleaning every room! Love, SJ

Sean and Rachel Kerrigan said...

We are SO SO excited for you. I cannot wait to meet your newest additions. I was so impressed with your family and so happy to have gotten the chance to meet you at the BBQ