Friday, July 17, 2009

Wonderful News About Our Little Ones

God has truly blessed this referral and I have no doubt that He will continue to hold all of us in His hands as we move toward the day when we will all be together as one family.

Sharon Turner is the Director of the Ethiopia Program at Children's Hope International. She was in Ethiopia last month. She was the one who met our children and took their pictures for us. I feel so privileged knowing that someone I can call has met our little boy and girl.

I emailed her this week to ask if there was anything that she could share with me about our kids. She called back and shared, at length, how much she enjoyed our children. She recalled a few specific characteristics about each one. She ended the call by sharing that she believes that they will be a wonderful addition to our family. We know that there will be challenges and we are preparing for them. It just seems as though God has given them a good start and we are so thankful.
Sweet Momma

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