Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Change of Plans...

A few posts ago I shared that the Ethiopian Courts would remain open all summer. We found out today that it is not the case. They will be closed from August 21 through the first week of October. This is not as long as they are usually closed for the rainy season, but it will not allow us to travel in September or October. I guess God could surprise us with a court date before August 21st, but we are not expecting that. A more likely scenario is a court date some time in October and travel in November.

As I stated in the last post, I believe God is everywhere at all times. He is with our sweet little boy and girl. He is with those who are caring for them. He is with the Ethiopian Courts as they evaluate our paperwork. His timing is perfect.

I wish I could get on a plane this minute and bring them home. It is hard to wait. But two weeks ago I didn't even know their names and faces. It's so wonderful to have this information. Soon, very soon, they will be here!

We can't wait to see how this all unfolds.
Sweet Momma

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Randy said...

It is hard to wait - some days more than others. We'll continue to pray for God's perfect timing.
Love, SJ