Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Two more makes Eight!

Last night Stand-Up Dad and I signed the acceptance papers for our referral. Right before we did, I couldn't help but pause and talk about what signing this document meant. Our signatures would change our lives and the lives of two precious gifts of God forever.

Adoption is such an amazing way to add to your family. We are still in shock that this whole process is happening about nine months earlier than we expected. Of course we are thrilled, but I have had a hard time concentrating on anything. My sweet friend sat down with me this afternoon and helped me write out a to-do list. This will help me stay on task, I hope.

We also heard great news today about the courts in Ethiopia. They have decided to remain open all summer. They usually close for two months during the rainy season. What this means for us, is the possibility of a court date in September and traveling in October. That is just a guess. We will have to wait and see. God is in control of this one, obviously. He surprised our socks off with this early referral, let's see what happens with the court date.
Please keep praying.
Sweet Momma

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Randy said...

AMEN!! Your family (including Katie Jr. and Timmy Jr.) are in our prayers!! Love, SJ