Friday, July 17, 2009

Camping In!

This week Elsie and M&M were at History Camp. It is a day camp that is spent at Ft. Nisqually in Tacoma. The camp is amazing. Our kids get a chance to see what life was like in 1855. They wear costumes and learn to do things like carry water, throw hatchets and start a fire with flint and steel. One of the best parts of the camp is when the campers are allowed to spend the night at the fort on Thursday night. They sleep outside under the stars. So much fun!

Sweet Pea and Pumpkin went to History Camp earlier this summer. At their age they are not allowed to spend the night at the fort. They got it in their heads that they wanted to have a camp out too. But they didn't want to camp outside. A pup tent in the living room was the answer.

Maybe now that their big sisters are back home after camp they will be willing to move out to the back yard.

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